Sub eLearning: SIEM / ESM 10.0 Essentials
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McAfee SIEM is a solution with the Enterprise Security Manager often referred to as the ESM being the primary product in the solution. The McAfee SIEM 10.0 release consists of packages for the ESM and related add-ons. The add-ons include the Advanced Correlation Engine (ACE), the Application Data Monitor (ADM), Database Event Monitor (DEM), the Event Receiver (REC) and the McAfee Enterprise Log Manager (ELM). The ESM collects and aggregates data and events from security devices, network infrastructures, systems and applications. It then applies intelligence to that data by combining it with contextual information about users, assets, vulnerabilities and threats. It correlates that information to find incidents that are relevant. Using interactive customizable dashboards, you can drill down on specific events to investigate incidents. Using guided lectures, interactive knowledge checks and how-to videos, this course provides you with the fundamentals to manage, configure and isolate incidents with focus on the ESM and Receiver components.
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